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Original post by: Marko Lasic


The main difference is in the configuration and control possibilities.

We designed '''C35-FC''' for fan coil applications and with the purpose to control the''' room temperature''' with a fan and a valve actuator(s).   On Home screen, you have a room temperature set point and fan speed set point:


The Analog output 1 (AO1) will control fan speed (0-10V) and the Analog output 2 and 3 will control cooling or/and heating valve actuator depending on the room temperature measurment and the set point.

The '''C35-VAV''' is designed for ventilation applications and with the purpos to control '''room temperature''' and/or '''air quality''' with variable air volum box and heating or/and cooling valve actuator(s).

The Analog output 1 (AO1) will control VAV box and air flow depending on measured CO2 level and/or room temperature. This can be set in Advanced menu:


The Analog output 2 and 3 will control heat exchanger valve actuator(s) if it is instaled.

If you test the C35-FC and C35-VAV side by side and if they both have been configured to contorl the temperature you will have same levels of voltage on analog output 1 on both devices. But if you change configuration of C35-VAV to ventilation, then the temperature will not affect the analog output 1 value.

There is no hardware difference between C35-FC and C35-VAV except in the case when you order C35-VAV with a built-in CO2 sensor which is not possible with C35-FC.