Once C35-FLV… has powered on a boot up screen will be displayed. The home screen, as shown on page 12 will appear once the device has finished booting up. The internal sensors require time to stabilize and power up. Only adjust offsets once the unit has had sufficient time (outlined below) to complete this process. Once the required time has elapsed compare sensors readings against a reference instrument. If required, the device can be calibrated using the Offsets menu instructions on page 25.

Temperature measurement

The C35-FC… uses Internal Temperature Compensation (ITC) Algorithm to eliminate heat generated by internal electronic components. The ITC Algorithm requires up to 30 minutes to stabilize and achieve accurate temperature readings. Thermal resistance of surface on which the device is mounted will affect temperature readings.

Relative humidity measurement

Built-in humidity sensor (optional) utilizes temperature readings to calculate relative humidity. Allow 30 minutes for the device to calculate accurate readings of temperature and relative humidity prior to adjusting offsets.

NOTE: If offset is added to temperature readings it will affect relative humidity readings.

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